Kathryn MacCallum

Hello, my name is Kathryn MacCallum, I am an Associate Professor and senior lecturer at Eastern Institute of Technology, in the wonderful Hawkes Bay, NZ.

If you would like to get in touch, all my work contacts are here https://www.eit.ac.nz/staff/kathryn-maccallum/ or else feel free to get in touch via social media, links below.

About me


Kathryn MacCallum is an Associate Professor, senior lecturer and Programme Coordinator of the Postgraduate Programme within the School of Computing at Eastern Insitute of Technology, NZ. She has taught at a tertiary level for over 10 years at a number of locations including at PTE, Polytechnics and University level teaching both business and computing qualifications (undergraduate and post-graduate). Her teaching is underpinned by her research which is driven by her passion to be a better teacher and develop effective teaching practices usually with the use of appropriate educational technology.

She has a PhD in Information Technology from Massey University (NZ) focusing on mobile learning adoption and has wide experience in both academia and industry.
Her research has been well received by both the academic world and local and international media (She was interviewed by TV, radio and print media about her PhD research). Her survey which she developed for her thesis has been adopted and translated into a number of languages. She has also been a guest speaker for a number of academic events. And she has authored over 30 academic articles including book chapters, journals and conferences mainly in the area of mobile learning and educational technology.
She is an Associate Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice and Journal of Information Technology Education: Research and Associate Editor of International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL). She has also been a lead researcher for a National Project funded by Ako Aotearoa involving six tertiary institutions addressing learners and their use of mobile technology. As well as being involved in two other big international and domestic research projects (Massey University, NZ (EQuake) and Athabasca University, Canada (Learning Communities Project).
She is the Communications Officer of the International Association for Mobile Learning and a founding member of the special interest group for Mobile Learning ASCILITE, Co-President of ANZmLearn, a committee member of Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand and New Zealand Association (FLANZ) and the New Zealand Association of Cooperative Education (NZACE). She is the Monitor for Unitec’s Masters of Applied Practices Programme as well as course moderator for a number of programmes around NZ.


Current Projects:

Co-editing a book, with Dr David Parsons, about agile and lean techniques in education, entitled ‘Agile and Lean Concepts for Teaching and Learning: Bringing Methodologies from Industry to the Classroom’. The book is due to be published by Springer in late 2018. Here are more details about the book.

I have also been developing some materials around applying specific aspects of learning theory to mobile learning, including a software tool, the mobile learning activity design analyser.

Learners and mobile devices (#NPF14LMD): A framework for enhanced learning and institutional change. Ako Aotearoa National Research Fund (2014-current) – Lead researcher at EIT. You can access the ebook here which outlines the results of this project.

Research Interests

My current research explores the role of mobile technology in supporting education in all levels of education – from pre-school to tertiary.

  • In addition, my interests include the following fields: education, mobile technology, eLearning, digital technology design, innovative teaching pedagogy, distance education, Information Systems, UX design, usability and adoption of IT, Information System development, design research.
  • Published three book chapters, 7 international journals and over 26 local and international conference articles.
  • Reviewer for a number of international journals and conferences.
  • Editor of three Education Journals.

A list of my publications, affiliations and academic representations are available on request or on Google Citations or at http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kathryn_Mac_Callum/publications

ORCID Link: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3844-7628


What aspect of the lecturer’s approach best helped you learn? “Appling (sic) an interesting and enthusratic (sic) environment to the subject and creating a good learning environment”

2009 Business Systems Student

“Enthusiasm, She does her best to make the classes entertaining. Helps because its quite easy to drift off during a boring lecture.”

2009 Business Systems Student

“The way she explains everything in detail and still will answer questions”

2009 Business Systems Student

“Lots of examples used in class discussions helps with understanding”

2009 Business Systems Student

“Love the fun feel and humour tutor has with class.”

2009 Business Systems Student

“Great presentation skills, relaxed but dedicated. Involves the class, Easy to understand and follow.”

2009 Business Systems Student

“She enjoy’s (sic) teaching the subject, is always bright.”

2009 Business Systems Student

“Her applications of what she is teaching to the real world. Extremely interesting as she is not just stating facts”

2010 Business Systems Student

“Her teaching techniques are very well organised and if I wasn’t understanding a matter then I will ask. Very good class.”

2010 Business Systems Student

“I like that you can approach Kathryn anytime and she is always willing to help.”

2010 Business Systems Student

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